June 30, 2007

A Farewell

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players."

Words quoted by famous playwright William Shakespeare in 'As You Like It' and words so pertinently true for what's facing me now. As I draw nearer to the completion of my undergraduate life, I begin to acutely feel the pinch of loss as friends I've made here take steps towards other chapters of their life, especially those who have decided that their future does not lie in Melbourne. Life's like that, people come and go through the revolving doors of your heart - leaving their imprint and then disappearing as fast as they appeared. Some of them are forgettable as footprints in sand, others not so easily forgotten.

My dear friend Robby leaves on a Sunday afternoon flight back to Singapore and consequently, his undergraduate life in Melbourne as a student. When he touches down, he will find love and the creature comforts of home. Yet, he will also find uncertainty and struggle as he contends with both the materialistic climate back home and the demands placed on him by both the workplace and home. I have confidence though, that my dear brother in Christ will be victorious in his struggle. What makes me so sure? The evidence is all there, his actions and demeanour now betray the stirrings of a man whose heart is truly passionate for God.

When we first arrived in Melbourne, we were as travellers on a murky road - both unsure as to what the future in Melbourne would hold for us. We were also journeymen on a spiritual quest to find true meaning in life and consequently, true deliverance in the name of Christ. Looking back through all these years, Robby has been one person who's consistently been there to share my triumphs and pain. And for that, I really give thanks to God for providing me such a wonderful brother in Christ. I remember November 2004, where he invited another friend and me to his house for a home-cooked dinner. It was there that his hospitality and his willingness to serve his friends stood out for me, providing much-needed inspiration in an area of life where I was struggling with personally.

It was fun finding out his true nature, his quirks and mindset, his preferences and distastes - all a process of planting and nurturing a deep-rooted friendship. I remember Oceania Convention 2005 where we would often sneak off early from late-night service together with Kevin Cheng in order to squeeze out an extra 10 minutes of sleep. I remember his baptism and how I was there to witness it and to share in his joy. I remember all the soccer sessions and all the great goals and even more extravagant misses. I remember the sheperding sessions with Keith and how we would share private jokes under his nose. So many memories this friendship will hold, and I will always hold in my heart.

I say goodbye to him not forever, because I'm sure we'll see each other again in Singapore. I say goodbye to him as a fellow undergraduate, fellow overseas student in Melbourne and fellow journeyman in a three years I saw Robby mature into a passionate man of God.

Goodbye Robby, you will be sorely missed.


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June 23, 2007

The Meaning of Everything

What is life about? Quintessentially the question every human being, religion and science has been trying to answer since the dawn of time. Some have defined it as merely time moving in circular motions, creating parallel universes and unchangeable destiny. Some see it more in the supernatural realm and attempt to fuse the supernatural with the physical. Will we, however, ever find the true meaning of life through our futile attempts? Or are we destined, as a race, to forever bicker and ponder over this unfathomable question?

There are answers, most definitely; as there are to most things in life. As in morality, there is always black and white but hardly grey; so too, are there answers to life, not mere shadows in the wind. But where are those answers? The search for truth has all too often led us into even more confusion and obtusion. The answers we seek are often so simple, we daren't believe it. But they are there. Simple truths for daily living so finely woven and threaded into a piece of literature which encompasses the generations and transforms lives.

The truths expounded are meted out with startling clarity, something clearly missing from the curse of relativism we all face in today's world. And yet, we all say we need more meaning. We say that the Word is but a facade of our inner hallucinations. Richard Dawkins claims that religion is senseless, irrational and dangerous. But I would say that atheism is empty, illogical and oh, so soul-less.

Meaning is always there, it's just a matter of opening your mind to it. To the Creator God.


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