July 17, 2007

Final Year

The winter of 2007's finally set in, bringing with it chilly winds and single-digit temperatures. It's bringing a sense of deja vu as well, harking my mind back to the winter of 2004 when I first arrived in Australia as a blurry-eyed, fresh 'graduate' from the school of hard knocks (Army la!). Perhaps what's most pertinently enlightening about the flashbacks are the fact that these 3 years are ones in which I've experienced much growth, both in maturity and spiritually.

The winter holidays came by and left in a flash; I was sick for half of it, then at church camp for the other half. Although most would say the camp brought about tremendous spiritual growth due to the sermons being preached, the fervent corporate prayer we had every night or the devotions at 'ungodly' hours, I'd say those events weren't the catalyst for bringing about spiritual revival for me. Rather, it was knowing that behind each and every mask and facade in church is a story, a life story about someone who's been through a crisis or joyous times, a life story which is just as moving and inspiring as the next person. Through this camp, I got to know people I might not have otherwise talked to, I deepened existing friendships with people in church and got to know them more intimately and most importantly, because of the strengthening in my horizontal relationships, the vertical one with the Almighty was strengthened as well.

I'm grateful for the friends I've made in Ebenezer and I hope that I've greatly enriched their lives as much as they've blessed mine. The spiritual growth has just been amazing and the camaraderie experienced as we serve God together is just mind-blowing. In some ways I'm frustrated that I have only a year left before I graduate and return to Money-pore for good, but in a totally different light, the dwindling hours I have left in Melbourne make me all the more determined to grasp the opportunity to serve in whatever way I can. Hitherto hath the Lord helped us!

Truly, an amazing revelation.

"Today is all you've got now, and today is all you'll ever have."


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