August 06, 2007

Irresistible Grace

How does one go through life resisting infinite grace when it is handed on a silver platter? How do scientists look at the inner workings of nature and conclude an evolutionary thesis? How do people use the Proverbs found in the Bible everyday and not accede to them? Shocking, but an increasingly astounding fact. Simply put, the veil which continues to cloud the vision of the pre-believers continues to grow, and it has begun now to intrude on sacred ground of the Church.

Richard Dawkins, in publishing his 'well-documented' book The God Delusion has effectively opened up a can of worms within the religious community, or has he? Perhaps all he's managed to accomplish is to establish himself as the god of atheism; perhaps all he's able to muster up in the midst of those biting and cynical comments are the stirrings of even more violence and dissent. I find it amusing when atheists all over quote him as if he is some sort of reference book for Atheism 101. For every Richard Dawkins, however, there will be a Charles Spurgeon. Both intellectuals in their own right and both vehement and fervent in their logical rationalising of their beliefs. However, as light and darkness cannot mix, so too are their arguments. One must be right, and the other wrong.

The bitter nature of these philosophical debates have raged on since Aristotle, Plato and Socrates. Such is the nature of Man, an eternal desire for Truth and Meaning in Existence; and such is the origin of such debates. Perhaps only when Post-Modernism drops its mind-numbing rhetoric and influence over vast portions of society, will we see a revival in faith and spirituality. Until then, all we can place our hopes in, is Irresistible Grace.

"Life is not what I thought it was, twenty-four hours ago. Still, I'm singing 'Spirit take me up in arms with You."

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