May 20, 2007

Finding Contentment

I haven't been happy in a long while, that much I admit. If you asked me when was the last time I felt truly at bliss, at peace, I'd say it's been far too long since that instance for me to recall off-hand. Simply put, I've had trouble finding simple contentment in the smaller things in life and all I've done is focus on the shortcomings and adversities I've had to overcome. But life is like that for everyone else, we all have our personal struggles and battles to wage, and similarly we all have our little things in life to be content about.

I'm trying my best now to find contentment in the little things in life, in aspects that I've been blessed by God. Despite the worries and uncertainty about my future love life, I know I have a wonderful family to fall back on. I failed to see that in the past, and taking that point of view seems so liberating now. I worried about not earning enough to be able to call myself successful but now I realise, money really isn't everything if you don't have true contentment and completeness from within.

Some say that completeness from within doesn't necessarily have to come from above, it can be found in the things around us. I fail to see this point. Deep inside every human soul, is a void which can only be filled by the Creator God and any other attempt to suggest otherwise falls far short. All the struggles, pursuits of fame, power and wealth are merely attempts to fill that void in with worldly condiments; and like all things worldly, are destined to moth and rust in the end. How much better is it to put our trust in things above, where moth and rust do not destroy, where thieves do not break in to steal? Equally, how much better is it to place our love above rather than on humans who will fail us from time to time.

Worldly love isn't that important if you see it from the grand scheme of things. We'd do well to realise that, and to stop building a shrine to commemorate this creation of God's.

"I wear the pain and grin, I play the part again. So everyone will see me the way that I see them."

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