April 08, 2007

Easter Hiatus

It's been an edifying few days. Easter Camp at Ebenezer was particularly rewarding because not only were the seminars and themes delivered powerfully from the pulpit, the company was excellent as well. I'm slowly beginning to enjoy being in this church, and I hope that this time, it won't turn all awry like how the last experience did. It's been great meeting the young adults at Bible Study, growing together in God and learning more about each other's quirks as we go. Quintessentially, Ebenezer's slowly beginning to feel like a home church to me; something which I've been craving since Day One in Melbourne.

I'm a bloody choosy person when it comes to romance, I think I've established that before. But recently, I've been wondering if it is this choosy attitude which will eventually lead to a lifetime in solitude. I still cannot, however, accept the notion that one can be abit loose in terms of criteria in choosing a life partner. How can you gamble on your lifetime's happiness? It is ludicrous and something which I would never do. For me, the stand remains that I'd rather be alone than be with someone whom I'm not completely satisfied with. At the moment, though, the former looks like a more plausible reality.

Over my summer working at Ernst & Young, I realised that working life in Singapore eats up your social life. Even if you're not called back to the office on the weekends, you'd feel generally too lethargic to wander around town. This lack of social life permeates into a subsequent lack of romantic eventualities and the result? Singlehood rate in Singapore rising at an alarming rate, so alarming that the government has to introduce campaigns which teach people the basics of dating. It's quite amusing and at the same time scary because there is this sinking feeling within me that the likelihood of me remaining single is looming large (read: 1.5 years away).

And everyday I wonder what the Lord has in store for me. O, the mystery. O, the anticipation.

"The miles are getting longer it seems, the closer I get to you."

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