January 06, 2007

Masked Betrayal

As human beings, it is normal to crave righteousness, to know that we're in the right and that everyone else who doesn't agree is in the wrong. Essentially, throughout the history of Man, it has been a struggle against the 'others' who quite simply, don't agree with our point of view. Because they don't, they are the enemy and must most certainly be wrong. I am no exception then; I am merely a man who craves that jubilation when proven right, when a speculation I've had for a long time turns out to be in my favour. I really love that feeling of being proven right, but in this case, I wish I was so wrong.

Betrayal is another aspect in life which everyone must learn to deal with. Everyone betrays somebody's trust some time, it is an unavoidable and yet, pervasive moot point in life. But often, it is not acquaintances or hi-bye friends who go through with the betrayal. What makes betrayal garner its insidious and dark meaning is the fact that it most usually stems from someone whom we love and trust. Sadly, it is the people whom we often expect not to betray who do so. It is an issue I've been learning to cope with, to swallow and take in my stride. But it is hard, it is a difficult pill to swallow, not bitter but oh, so poisonous. But I've done it. I've wrestled with myself all night and managed to force it down my throat knowing though, that its yet another stain on my soul... another poison that's been introduced into my already tainted fabric of reality.

I'm disappointed and hurt but it'll pass like so many other things in life. It's just that things like these that happen show me why it is important to choose your friends and the ones you love wisely.

"Transgression forms an everyday part of our life. What defines us is how we deal with them."

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