August 17, 2007

Contemplative Stirrings

I'm nearing the end of my journey in Melbourne, one which leaves me astounded as to the ferocity with which time has snatched the moments away from my grasp. In approximately 7 months (excluding the summer break in Singapore), I would have ended undergraduate life and begun to take the first steps into the throes of the working world. In approximately 7 months, I will officially be termed an adult and responsible for my own finances, relationships and accountability. And honestly, it's daunting.

I constantly reflect and wonder, thinking about how I've spent the time in Melbourne and how I've grown in retrospect. It was good in a way, knowing that my undergraduate life in a foreign land was a dress rehearsal for the real thing that was to come, the real test of life which comes to us all. The props must be put away now, the curtains drawn as the stage is set for the main actor of my life to take centrestage. Perhaps it's true then, when Shakespeare comments that all the world's a stage and the men and women in it merely players. But even the bravest and most experienced of actors must go through stage fright, something that threatens to derail the calm exuding from me.

There are yet many battles left to fight in my life, and many walls and fortresses to be broken down as the army charges into battle. But even as the gates of protection come undone before me, there is an air of nostalgia and apprehensiveness that pervades the atmosphere. But I will kneel and pray to the Almighty, who is always in control, that he might guide my paths and bring me victory in the battle which matters the most - the battle for my own soul.

"And if you'd never had my heart, I would have never called you back from the start."


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