May 05, 2007

Spiderman 3

Disclaimer: Do not read if you have not watched Spider-Man 3!

I've never been particularly fond of Peter Parker and his alter ego, Spiderman. To me, they represented an anti-thesis to the 'conflicted superhero' theme I've always believed to be the most interesting. Simply put, Peter Parker exhibits too much joy and happiness which stems from the almost perfect life that he's enjoying. Mary Jane, Aunt May, job at the Bugle, fame and adoration as Spiderman, the man's practically got the world eating right out of his hands; or so I thought.

I guess Spiderman 3 changed my perspectives not only about the psyche of this superhero, but also certain truths which are largely ignored in today's world. Throughout the movie, the theme of revenge-forgiveness was recurrent and was evidently consuming Peter Parker as he sought his own brand of justice. The cesspool of hate which welled up in his heart eventually resulted in an entirely ugly manifestation of his desire to hurt those who'd hurt him. It was amazing the way Sam Raimi seamlessly weaved together a story on which Peter Parker would learn the true meaning of forgiveness in so many aspects of his life. Even more amazing was the final scene where we are told that "everyone has choices to do the right or wrong thing". So true, it seemed like a direct arrow to my heart.

For me, the action and special effects were secondary; the romance between Spiderman and Mary Jane merely a sideshow. The real meat of the show, I felt, was the eventual realisation that all that really mattered was the ones he had left and not the ones that were gone. That revenge was an all-consuming poison which he had no place going after. That Harry was really just a good guy who had misunderstood the situation and directed his rage in the wrong way. That the Sandman was really just a desperate criminal driven into a corner by prevailing life circumstances. And most importantly, was Aunt May's pearl of wisdom when sought her opinion on his impending proposal to Mary Jane. "A man must learn to put his wife and family above himself. Can you do that, Peter?"

Thank you Sam Raimi, for a genuine masterpiece of a movie.

"The only resolution and only joy, is the faint spark of forgiveness in your eyes."


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