May 26, 2007

Encompassing Love

And there I was, the entire tide of the world's torrents raging against my solitary figure. It was hard not to shed a tear, hard not to buckle and succumb. And just as I felt my own strength begin to waver, a Hand propped me up from behind; not only straightening my figure but also recharging my tired disposition.

You will get through this Joel, and you will come out all the stronger.

Yes I will, Lord. Yes, I will.

Brian Littrell - Over My Head

I tried to figure it out
Time and time again and time again
I guess there’s just some things I’ll never understand
‘Cause Your ways aren’t our ways
But deep down in my soul, down in my soul
There is one thing I know that I know

I’m in over my head
Right where I wanna be
I’m so lost within Your love
The love that always covers me
So high, so deep, so wide
A strong and cleansing tide
My soul has found a place to rest
I’m in over my head

I’ve been holding on
Now I’m letting go, just letting go
Gonna let Your love carry me away

I don’t know where I’m going
But I’m surrounded by the truth
And I can feel the current pulling me
Deeper into You

You see me for who I am
You did reach out Your hand
You made me understand
That Your love has always covered me

"I've been holding on and now I'm letting go; letting Your love carry me away."

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