November 07, 2006

Reverent Trepidation

It is in the dead of night as my fingers hammer away at the keyboard, as if in a desperate attempt to encapsulate all that I've just experienced. But do words suffice when the presence of God is upon you? I think not. Simply because God is a spiritual experience. That need for God is something experienced from deep within the crevices of the incomplete soul, and not one which can be tapered over by poetic words. And when God's presence is near, you can't help but wonder as your thoughts wander, and the silence in the room becomes a silent tribute to His magnificent greatness.

Have you ever had this experience? A moment in time where the clock stands still and the moments in time seem to be temporarily suspended. And there you are, kneeling down and praying, soul bleating out in desperation for God's healing touch; and He does come. Your muscles begin to tremble, to shiver in anticipation and yet fear. The deep quivering from within, knowing that the Creator and Controller of the world has heard your thoughts and responded. Knowing that you and you alone enjoy a special relationship with Him. Such a beautiful and yet awesome moment all at once.

It's hardly describable and yet such a wonderful gift handed to us on a silver platter. That God would give up all His glory and majesty just to suffer humiliation and death for a race of beings who are well known for ungratefulness. And doing this, in spite of knowing too well what would unravel even in spite of such a magnificent sacrifice. That is what I call love. And it's something I'd do well to attempt to emulate.


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