November 02, 2006

Fleeting Thoughts

It's been sometime since I last posted any semblance of a thread, probably due in part to my examinations and also lack of opportunity or space for thought in the midst of the stress. Well, those examinations ended today, leaving most of the afternoon free for me to wander about in solitary thought.

I'm used to friends coming up to me and telling me they've gotten together with someone or that they're celebrating their 'thousand-month' anniversary. In a way, I've learnt to take such statements in my stride and try not to let them affect me. It's become easier recently, due in part to the fact that I've been facing such situations for most of the year now. Singlehood's become part of my life now, something I can't refute. Soon, I'll graduate from University and become a Yuppie; and it'll be a new phase in life which I'll have to learn to deal with. The only thing perhaps regrettable is the prospect of facing these times alone.

I know its a tad bit melodramatic when I proclaim my possible singlehood for years to come. But in a way, the solitude this past year has showed me a lighter and possibly more practical side of being alone. It means less accountability, more freedom and more flexibility. The loneliness faced is something that is not insurmountable and a subsequent victory in this battle would mean a lifetime of possible bliss in solitude. That's not to say that marriage isn't a good thing. Having a family is wonderful and provides much needed bonus waiting when you get home, but it's something that can be dealt with both emotionally and practically. It isn't essential and merely a bonus many have come to take for granted.

Some are born to live in solitude, and there are those destined to wallow in adoration. I'm beginning to see where I am on that one.


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