October 13, 2006


I haven't posted recently and I chose a particular inauspicious time to update the blog. It's Friday the 13th, and the weather outside's been somewhat parallel to that experienced in Hell. In a word, it's HOT. It was 36C yesterday and today was set to hit 30C until a cool front came over Melbourne in the afternoon and bathed the city in cool, 22C fresh air. The bad thing about heat here is that it's dry and it feels like a fan-forced oven, so much so that you can't perspire and as a result, feel extremely stuffy and heaty. I'm just glad I'm not going to be here for the summer.

Besides the weather, there's been my studies to contend with. Examinations are in 2 weeks time following which I'll be heading home on the 11th of November. After a year long hiatus, I'm interested to see how much Singapore's changed while I was gone. It's become like a yearly ritual, me returning to a world of difference and then having to leave it before I've gotten used to anything. And the cycle repeats itself to the point where I feel totally disconnected from the Singaporean life. But I'm looking forward to returning home, to my family and friends I haven't seen in a year. To changes and uncertainty, to a place I will always call home.

There's been no time for much contemplation recently, which in a way is good. Too much free time results in alot of melancholy for me, such is the nature of my mind; it wanders whenever allowed to, culminating in grey clouds gathering in the recesses of my mind. So perhaps in a way, this is good. Keeping busy, keeping active and exhausting myself everyday. Maybe this is the approach I should take in the future. That way, I won't get hurt or feel hurt, and I'll always be in a constant state of achievement.

Maybe that's what will heal me in the end. Or maybe it's You.


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