September 14, 2006


A random stranger came up to me the other day, presumably to evangelise and eventually ending up talking to me about theological issues. It's strange really, how people can actually pluck up the courage to talk to a random person about spiritual issues, things which have become taboo in today's empirical reality. It's further evidence of God's immense power to change perspectives and alter mindsets, bringing about a new person from within. Strange how some people can assert that it's mindless fanaticism at best, when believing in the Faith is clearly an intellectually demanding journey.

This random stranger introduced himself as Lloyd, and his first question remains embedded in memory.

"Why do you believe?"

I think it's a question Christians often take for granted. Why DO we believe? Is it because everyone else is doing it? Is it because we've been brought up and conditioned to the Faith? Or could it be that cute girl at the church you've been eyeing and you feel being a Christian would enhance your chances? There are a myriad of reasons why people go to church, why people choose to acknowledge themselves as Christian. But I think the best reason for me is that God is a constant. I'm sure that answer took alot of you by surprise. Perhaps you were expecting some pompous speech about God's many wonders and facets which He continually reveals to His children daily. I'm sure I could fill an entire page if I were to mention His deeds. But ultimately, it's all summed up with that word. God is constant, never changing.

To God, sin is sin. Love is love. There are no two ways about it, it is either black or white. In the modern context, you'd be rubbished as being intolerant and insensitive if you spoke in absolutes. Relativism as a way of thinking has infiltrated the minds of people nowadays; most refusing to even take a stand on the most basic of moral issues. Moral values aren't the only aspect of the world changing these days. Technology and advances bring new horizons to human imagination with every single minute that passes. And in all these changing times, these changing possibilities, isn't it comforting to know that there is something constant? That there is a Being who CONSTANTLY loves us, CONSTANTLY watches over us, CONSTANTLY feels the same about us no matter what. It's a lovely thought, simply because it's impossible to find in the world. Not even the closest person to you.

And that is what I answered Lloyd. "God is my unmoveable Rock. And that is what I like best about Him."

He smiled.

"Maybe Redemption has stories to tell, maybe Forgiveness is right where you fell."

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