August 24, 2006

The Principle of Entropy

There are alot of things in life we wish we'd rather not have done. Some refer to these actions as regrets, I prefer to see them as lessons learnt. So why regrets? Life is essentially a linear path, one which you trod down and find yourself unable to turn back if need be. All you can do then, is wistfully gaze at what could have been and to enter the future with trepidation. A linear path, equal to the passage of time and the inevitable nature of the Universe itself. If there are things I indeed regret in life, they are the things that I chose to regret. But, at the risk of confounding my speech, I'd best leave those thoughts for the confines of my cerebral.

The world is changing at a most rapid pace and in essence, it's become quite like an exponential function. Back in the days of Augustus Caesar and Artexerxes, time as they knew it was the span of their reign. Technology progressed steadily but not spectacularly and ideas which stemmed from scientific research bore little fruit. Not quite so in the modern world where leaps and bounds are made everyday in research labs across the globe, where ideas are continuously challenged and shot down in a single day. Information has become the heartbeat of the man on the street and one which challenges those in power.

But in all this seeming progress and advancement, there is a tiny part of Man he has forgot to bring along. It is the spiritual, moral side of his soul; the very part of our heart which makes us human. The past was full of barbaric acts I grant that, but at least they dealt in absolutes and acted upon their beliefs; something which you'd be hard pressed to find in the average person today. Today, to be absolute about your beliefs is to be intolerant and unaccepting. Today, to be firm on your stand is to invite a barrage of abuse. Relativism, something which post-modernists live and breathe by has become more and more accepted even as we claim advancement in other fields.

And this is where the principle of entropy comes in. The law of entropy states that the Universe is continously moving from a state of Order to Disorder when left alone. And perhaps this is reflective on what happens not only physically, but spiritually. There is a need for a stabilising force, a Force which can hold everything in the Universe together. We lost that when we rebelled against the Creator of the Universe and ever since then, things have gone downhill. The Earth has been sliding into turmoil environmentally, Man's spiritual nature has been downtrodden in favour of seeming 'rationalism and objectivism' which has cut off what every religion in the world acknowledges as existing; the soul.

I do not hold high hopes for the human race at the rate we are going and everyday I long for the Brightness that has been promised at the end of the age.

"Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth." - Proverbs 27:1

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