July 08, 2006

Undeniable Truth

It is evening as the great wooden doors of the church open for a Sunday service. Even as I step into the auditorium, I am taken aback at the sheer multitude who have gathered to give praise to the eternal Sovereign. But it is not the numbers which amaze me, rather the atmosphere inside and the stirring within my soul that the Holy Spirit is present. The physiological reactions some experience when entering church services have been put down to fear and anxious reactions towards unfamiliar situations, but can a scientific explanation truly do justice to the stirrings of the human soul? I refuse to accept that explanation, that all I am feeling whilst singing and praising are just products of this material world, this empirically-based reality we have been taught to believe.

That feeling like something within me is yearning to cleave from my flesh, that burning sensation in my heart and that Presence in the room which leaves me on bended knee by the end of service, can they all be truly explained away? There is a point where truth cannot be denied, where reality must be acknowledged, no matter how ludicruous it might be according to modern 'scientific' standards. God does exist, and yet the debate will forever rage on on His existence. Atheists will uncover evidence to the contrary, and biblical scholars will attempt to defend God's existence. And yet, I feel the answer doesn't lie within our minds as we attempt to come up with logical and rational reasons to support or disprove His presence.

It lies within our hearts, because there is a part of it that yearns to be with God. It's just the way humans were created, we were all formed to enjoy eternal union and fellowship with God and somehow, someway, I'm sure that the apostles who died in His name understood that. No amount of arguing or debating was ever going to make the pre-believers see it their way and perhaps, the only way they would be able to prove their belief in His love was to die for Him, just the way He died for us. I don't think I will ever be able to refute everyone who ever scoffs at God in front of me, I will definitely try, but I acknowledge my weaknesses and accept that my knowledge is limited. But I know in my heart that God loves humanity, it's quite an obvious truth, one so often taken for granted and yet so widely preached.

The answer then, lies not within our finite human minds, but within our infinite, intangible soul.

You are a God of miracles, truly You are. Faith.

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