July 25, 2006

Loveshit Cycle

It's a new semester, new beginning for some, old suffering for others. It's strange though, to find out that people all around you are slowly getting attached when deep down you feel all fragmented inside. Perhaps it's the sheer loneliness of being in a foreign land, perhaps it's just the basic human drive for companionship, but the amount of friends getting into relationships is somewhat beginning to shock me.

And it's situations like these which leave me to ponder over the exact reasons for this fiasco. Why do people really get attached? Often when asked, the people in mention manage to utter a one or two word reply, and often it comes after long pauses to think. Is it really that hard to think of a reason? After all, this person you're together with supposedly becomes the person you're most likely to marry, well at least that's what you'll say for the 2-3 years the relationship lasts? But it puzzles me really, when people hesitate in giving their answers and even more puzzling, some of the answers they give.

"But, but, I'm in love!" Sure. You are! After barely knowing the person for over a month, you haphazardly decide to get attached to a person you've never known before April started, and suddenly you decide you're in love. Being in love means accepting every bad habit, horrid character trait that the person throws at you. After knowing the person for barely a month, can you honestly say you've explored their inner self thoroughly? And yet, people claim they're in love after a month. What a bunch of crap. "Because he treats me very well...and I feel very secure with him." That's understandable, girls want security and guys want companionship. It's how we were made, it's how we'll function.....if allowing our emotions to go unchecked. So if I have a best friend and we hang out alot together, does it mean we should get together for the companionship? Pfft. Give me a break.

People nowadays fail to exercise responsibility when getting into relationships and perhaps the only result of these failed relationships are the growing number of scarred and jaded people. And with that growing number, they in turn affect the relationships they get into and it becomes one whole vicious cycle. Yeah, perhaps when you get attached you should accept the past of that person. But inevitably, what's happened to you in the past is going to affect your perception of future relationships. The shit's got to land somewhere, you know.

So please people, exercise responsibility, don't just hold hands with the next Jack or Jill who comes tumbling down the hill.

Show me what it's like to be the last one standing, and teach me wrong from right.

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