June 06, 2006

Deleted, Depleted.

The realization certainly hit me hard, the fact knowing that you've effectively shut me out from your life. It's in no way pertinent that I'd planned on us getting back together or anything but the minimum of a platonic friendship you've seemed to turn your back on. Knowing that you deleted me from your MSN list today shocked me, because I actually logged onto that MSN Deleter website to check who I hadn't been talking to alot and was planning to delete them. But seeing your name there on that list, it was a betrayal. Betrayal of everything we stood for as I stared at the screen blankly for that few moments.

I'm disappointed, not sad not depressed, but disappointed. After everything we've been through, the road trips we took, the things we did and the good times, you're willing to turn your back on even a semblance of friendship. I would be fine if you'd been blocking me, but knowing that you've deleted me shows your intent on not ever re-establishing contact. Does it have to go so deep? Do I mean nothing to you now? Not even as a friend? As I told you, the decision to even stop contact was made by you, I'm really neutral. I'm fine with being friends but it seems that it's not fine with you. So then, fine. Perhaps we really ought not to keep in contact for the forseeable future. But just remember, I'm perfectly open to re-establishing friendship whenever you're ready. Because it's always been my policy not to stop contact with my exes. But before I end this post, I'd just like to ask one very perplexing question.

Why didn't you delete him when you broke up with him? Funny eh. I find it puzzling.

"When the night falls in around me, and I don't think I'll make it through. I'll use Your light to guide my way."

Traveller fell apart at 5:38 PM

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