May 05, 2006

The Triumph Of Realism

Political apathy is something Singaporeans have come to be synonymous with. Ask the layman on the street what he feels about the latest economic issues or social policies introduced by the People's Action Party and you'd be hard pressed to gain a meaningful response. Simply put, Singaporeans have been brought up to focus on the now and present, making ends meet and getting rich quick. The rest doesn't matter simply because it's in the hands of the 'gah-men'.

The General Elections this year have special significance for me simply because it's the first time I'm actually a part of this electoral process even though I don't have the opportunity to vote. I'm a full-fledged adult in the eyes of the political hierarchy and not a minor in the eyes of the law. Of particular interest this time to me is Hougang SMC and the election campaigning going on there. It's simply a case of idealism vs realism, a case of wanting an opposition voice in Parliament vs upgrading a derelict estate.

Many would argue for the need for an opposition, someone to speak out against the majority PAP MPs in Parliament. Without that, the debating and discussion process in Parliament would effectively be a farce, they argue. But these same people come back home everyday to paint peeling off their HDB blocks, lifts not functioning properly and they look across the street to PAP constituencies and notice the difference. I wonder what goes on in their heads, is that voice of opposition in Parliament really worth all the sacrifice?

I believe that realism will triumph over that voice this elections. I believe the residents will vote with their heads and not their hearts. I believe Eric Low will win Hougang SMC and the PAP will enjoy a landslide victory this Elections overall. That's not to say I approve of it. This 'carrot-and-stick' politik that Low Thia Khiang insists PAP is playing, it's really not the case. It's just a case of bringing the realism to the hearts of the voters.

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