April 22, 2006

One Year On

Alot can happen in the span of a year, at least that's what I've found out.

In one year, empires are built and destroyed.
In one year, relationships can be formed and ruined.
In one year, marriages can be made and divorced.
In one year, alliances can be agreed and cancelled.
Yet in one year, hurts deep in the heart cannot be resolved.

It was strange today at cell, that the theme for worship was "Letting go of past heartbreaks". What made it more intriguing was the fact that I originally wasn't even planning to attend the service, not least till 5pm today. Was it then a message from the Almighty? Or mere coincidence? To assume the latter would require great faith in the wheel of chance, something which I do not possess. Hence, I'd have to say it was God trying to tell me something. To let go and to commit to Him.

Easier said than done though. Some things are just lodged so deep that it would be impossible to pull them out without ripping out a part of yourself.

Then again, there's nothing left inside to rip apart.

Traveller fell apart at 1:03 AM

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