April 01, 2006

How do songs do this? Just how? They dig up all those ghosts of memories past hiding deep within your cerebral and replay them on a video screen in front of your eyes. I should know, the video's been left running for the past 4 months.

Jimmy Eat World - Polaris

I'll say it straight and plain
I know I've made mistakes
I've always been afraid
I've always been afraid (Afraid of the future, afraid of the darkness.)

A thousand nights or more
I travel west and north
Please answer the door

Can you tell me
You say that love goes anywhere
In your darkest time, it's just enough to know it's there
When you go I'll let you be, but you're killing everything in me.

Get down on your knees, whisper what I need
Something pretty, something pretty.
I feel that when I'm old
I'll look at you and know
The world was beautiful. (It really was beautiful once.)
Then you tell me

I'm done there's nothing left to show
Try but can't let go
Are you happy where you're standing still
Do you really want the sugar pill?
I'll wake up tomorow and I'll start
To another, it feels so hard
As a train approaches Garu De Nord
As I'm sure your kiss remains employed
Am I only dreaming?

"When you go, I'll let you be. But you're killing everything in me."

Traveller fell apart at 12:37 PM

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