March 17, 2006

All Too Human

The human spirit is essentially one which is uncontrollable, unpredictable even if you will. If persons could be controlled, essentially, none of the coups or rebellions which occurred throughout history could have been accomplished. It is a twisting nether of unfathomable decision-making, a dark mass of volatile reactions; these human emotions. These shocking aspects crop up in every aspect of life forseeable, be it work, studies, relationships or even friendships.

If, essentially as individuals, we are unable to control what the person next to us will do in the course of the next few minutes, then perhaps we are all just men in the same boat, swirling around in a sea of uncertainty that is life. And if we cannot be sure of the intentions and thoughts of others, how then do we trust? Some would reply love, love will be the answer to all. But is it, really? Even love falls prey to the volatility which I've mentioned above. Even kinship and affinity becomes secondary to the volatility of the human soul. So then, what is constant and real? Nothing, nothing then. We must learn to trust in what we know can never fail us, our own minds and hearts. Because these work in tandem to achieve the best possible route for us in life, unlike everyone else.

But even in these uncertain circumstances in which we live, we must somehow find satisfaction in living what becomes a shifting reality. And it is in this uncertainty we must find joy in. For it is the emotional unpredictability which makes us what we are: all too human.

"And in the darkness swirling, the figure moved not, but merged into one with the darkness."

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