February 22, 2006

When I'm Gone

So this is it. The summer holidays, here and gone in a flash and whirl. I think I've grown in character and personality immensely these past few months and perhaps it's because of the way things have turned out. So the saying is true, that adversity moulds and shapes resistance and strength. I originally had a big speech, a big goodbye 'sermon' to give. But speeches and sermons are for men who are wise, those who command enough respect to warrant a speech from the masses who stay glued to their every word. Me? I'm just a normal human being who's made mistakes, who's just trying to learn from the painful consequences my errors have brought about.

I've learnt lessons of life through what's happened, valuable lessons that will stay with me till the end of my time here on earth. But unlike last year, I'm not going to list them down. I feel that these lessons are mine to ponder and to retrospect. I'm just sorry to whomever I've ever hurt with my selfishness and pride, with my self-righteousness and indecision. Be it family, friends or loved ones, I apologise with all my heart. But even that isn't enough, is it? Sometimes apologies come too late, promises made broken can hardly be patched up together again. And so the broken pieces drift down the river of time, doomed to be lost forever in the ocean of eternity.

The next few months will take me down a different road, one which isn't familiar to me. But I'll strive and work hard to make my future brighter. And even though I don't know what's going to happen in future, I know that God watches over me, and keeps me in His sights. And in that knowledge, I trod down that path. The lonely path into the unknown.

See you in November.

"My guilt begets my departure. And so I take the longest road I could find, away from you, away from the memories."

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