February 26, 2006

Picking Up The Pieces

And so here I am, back in Melbourne and in a pseudo-dream. Except that it isn't quite that way this time. It was hard initially after arriving because the car trip back took me past so many places we'd visited before. And as they zipped past me in a flash, I felt as if the reality of us together also slipped past me in the blink of an eye. On opening the door of my room, some of the stuff we made and bought together jumped out at me, catching my attention and forcing the memories yet again. But I'm ok now, I guess at this point I can only be grateful for what God blessed me with and move on with life.

My new obsession with photography has drawn curious stares and questions from friends around me. Perhaps it's this innate need to record everything I've ever done and been to in facets of photo frames from now on. I think it's because over the summer I've realised how fleeting everything in life is, how things can change in an instant and how we need to be able to have something physical to hold onto when everything's gone and all we have are our memories. In that sense, photography affords me that luxury of keeping memoribilia. It allows a happy or sad moment to be forever captured against the ticking clock. And it expresses so much of what I'm feeling inside in a way as well. It's a form of catharsis for me I suppose, something I can turn to and enjoy.

Uni's starting tomorrow officially and I'm apprehensive. But I'm not going to let the circumstances dictate my conditions, I'm going to press on and dictate my own conditions. Because that's the only way we should live life. That's the only way success is bred. And that's the way I want life to be.

"The sounds of yesterday don't bring back sad memories, but they remind me of a time less laden with burden."

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