November 09, 2005

Retrospect, Circumspect.

I've been struggling and experiencing what's been loosely termed 'writer's block'. Yes, I've been lacking that extra 'oomph' to carry on what's become a small enterprise. A collection of my thoughts, opinions and "pompous" conclusions. Suffice to say, it hasn't been easy typing this post. It's been a journey of stop, stare, ponder, type, stop. And yeah, you get the idea. It wouldn't be fair though, to label this period of stagnation one in which I've experienced mental hibernation. No no, that would be premature to say. Wait another 50 years before running that story.

My second last paper ended last Friday and left me an entire week to carry out preparations for the last one this Friday. Without trying to sound overly distracted, the past week has been difficult and has been a real test of my powers of concentration. What with virtually everyone around me finishing exams and having a big party, it certainly hasn't been the happiest of weeks. But I think in the midst of this maelstrom of delirium, I've been in deep retrospection. It's been a year since I've returned to Australia, blurred and numbed from the last summer holiday. But it's been a good year, most definitely.

There were many things I managed to achieve in 2005. Adequate guitaring skill was one of them. Considering that I only started in January, it's been quite an achievement for me to get to the level that I'm at now. And I'm surprised, though not overly proud of this achievement. Because it's taught me an important life lesson: That no matter what you do, nothing is impossible and that practice really makes perfect. Sounds cliche? I know. But it's a reality which can never be superceded by any other maxims you may come across. Seriously.

2005 was also the year I met K fortuitously. It's been an experience which I'll never forget and somehow, I never quite imagined someone could touch me so deep inside my soul and mind. To say that meeting her has been an understated blessing would not be too presumptous, surely. Because I think it's people like these that you meet in life who fundamentally change the pillars of life for you. They don't just walk in and leave no footprints. They leave impressions in the depths of your heart which you'll be unable to deny no matter what.

I've grown alot this year as well, spiritually and mentally. Seen many things and opened my horizons to new experiences. And it's been something I'll be hard-pressed to forgo in the coming year as well. Because I know it's been good for me, not only in the above-mentioned aspects, but it's also a process of aging. We either embrace it or be stifled. Choose.

"Maturity is optional, aging isn't."

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