October 06, 2005

Cynicalities Resurfacing

It's been a thorn in my side, a rabid dog that refuses to go away. The problems which go on mounting and contribute to my skepticism at the intentions of the church don't seem to take a backseat. It's funny then, how things have led to this point. It's a point commonly called 'breaking point' and one which I don't enjoy being caught in.

There are people in the church who do not seem to practice what they preach. Too many times, new relationships begun in tandem have been frowned on and subsequently spurned. The leaders, or so they call themselves, make it a point to judge and quibble over their church members' private affairs. To make matters worse, it's hardly a good testimony when the very thing your leader asks you not to do, he commits himself. Shocking, to say the least.

Cynicism also begins to creep in when you realise that the only reason that people want you at church outings is for your car and your ability to drive people back home. I think Hope Church faces a lack of independent people and far too many dependent people; half of which are not even grateful for the service the drivers provide. If these people were really intent on going to church, they'd wake up earlier to take the bus service instead of taking their own sweet time when the driver is downstairs waiting.

I think I've tolerated enough. It's come to this and I'm not going to regret this at all I feel. It is time to leave, to search for greener pastures in order that I might not suffer anymore in anguish. It is time to commit, but commit myself towards hedonism.

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