September 12, 2005

Happiness Redefined

People change as they grow older. Perspectives become different, we see things in different lights and we take one more step forward in the path that life has mapped out. As a child, some of us may have seen only black and white, good and evil. But as we grow, we realise that adulthood is all about seeing the grey in between. What we may constitute as 'unkind behaviour' may simply be a lack of maturity to see the underlying good. And it is something I begin to learn how to see as days go by.

I used to see happiness as merely having my needs and wants fulfilled. It was all about me and my comfort, my security, my perspectives. A very self-centred approach you may say, but it isn't quite uncommon amongst people. Sigmund Freud theorised an inner 'ego' amongst us, an entity which exists within from birth and which we slowly suppress and learn how to stifle through childhood. And you could say that for the past twenty years, I haven't quite acquired a mastery of that skill; that suppression of selfishness for selflessness.

Although life is about learning and growing, instantaneous change isn't an impossibility either. When things suddenly come into light, when perspectives change, when you know what you're doing is for the good of the people you care about, you pressure a change within yourself which reaches far beyond just simple actions. It touches the very core of your being. It's this revelation I've come to see. That happiness stems from appreciating the little things that are done for you and not focusing on the things that aren't.

But revelations like these don't occur by accident, they happen through love, patience and guidance.

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