September 18, 2005

Formalities Eclipsed

There are times in life where you look back and wistfully imagine the younger years. Years where things were carefree and innocent and when dreams were allowed to flourish in the cerebral. I think everyone in some way or another, gives thought to the day they'd be married. So to say, it's actually a myth that only girls imagine such things; because I'm betting that even guys replay in their minds the setting, the bride and the vows, things which would change their lives (and commitment levels, mind you!) forever.

Thursday night was a simply magical experience. The Singapore Students' Association of Victoria annual ball at the Melbourne Aquarium was well organised and perfectly executed. Although I did find the surroundings at Melbourne Aquarium a tad bit dingy, it provided ample view of a very special place just across the Yarra. We had fun that night, we chatted, posed for pictures and basked in each other's company for the entire night. But it wasn't the ball itself which touched my heart, it was the time where KL walked out from her apartment lobby.

They say that epiphanys are solely exclusive to religion, that they're meant to describe divine will. Perhaps then, it could be said that I realised how divine will really works. As I saw her beautiful self all dolled up and looking so elegant, I had a 'flash-forward' to the day when we'd be married. And I smiled deep in my heart, knowing that instance would be captured forever in my mind. But I think it's in such bliss that I realise the whole formality of the night was never the point, it was the point that we were together and enjoyed each other's company. We could be eating at a hawker centre or at the Westin, and it still wouldn't matter.

Love eclipses formalities, truly. And I think I'm in love.

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