April 11, 2005

Sparks In Tandem

I think the reason for the high number of divorce rates in today's world is the concept of compromise. Too many people fail to set criterias and standards as to what they want from a partner and end up settling for the next best thing that comes along. The result? 20 years down the road, when a younger and seemingly more suitable person comes along, they have an affair which brings the entire marriage crashing down. Suffice to say, settling for second best is an idea which not only hurts your eventual spouse, it's short-changing yourself as well.

Many people ask me why I've set so many criterias and restrictions pertaining to choosing a life partner. It's rather simple, really. In my mind, I've a clear idea of who the person who spends the next 50-60 years of my life with me is going to be like. I know who would suit me and how much they'd complement me. Put simply, I've a clear direction as to where I'm going in life and all I want is a person who'd be there to support me and share my vision. Any compromise on your part at this stage in your life will echo for the rest of your days. It's a grave and important point I want to make. There must be NO compromise in choosing your life partner. Set out with clear goals and character traits you would like and begin looking around selectively.

Of course, there's the risk that you'll eventually meet no one and end up lonely for the rest of your life. But think about it. Would you rather go through a painful divorce or rocky marriage 20 years down the road? Or live your life in bliss, having never known love? It's a tough choice, really. But it's one that might save us years of heartache.

Yesterday, was simply magical. I can't explain it but spending time with her is just so... fulfilling. Not only does she give joy to me, she builds me up mentally and spiritually. For now, I can only hope and pray that she is really the one God has set aside for me.

"Out of the doubt that fills my mind, I somehow find that you and I collide."

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