April 17, 2005

How Do You?

How do you protect yourself from disparaging remarks?

Recall that life in itself is what we make of it. Disparaging remarks may very well be good advice.

How do you shield yourself from backstabbing colleagues?

Understand that in life, no one is infallible. Even your best friends may betray you. Remember that and do not be surprised if it happens. Instead, take precautions.

How do you prevent yourself from being destroyed by the opposite sex?

Learn that life is not all about having a romantic relationship. The world does not revolve around it and most certainly, your life does not.

How do you see the light through a seemingly endless darkness?

Mention to yourself that despite how dark the tunnel seems to be, we must always be on the alert for the lights of an oncoming train.

When depression kicks in on those late, moody nights, how do you beat it?

Come to a consensus with yourself. Understand that you and you alone are responsible for that state of mind you put yourself in. Shake it off. Break the trend. Prevent the melancholy from settling in.

How do you find the courage to tell that special someone about your feelings?

You imagine that the next possible opportunity may be your last and break it to that person in a manner you would find not threatening, even to yourself.

How do you revive a dead inner soul?


I do not have the answers to that, and somehow I fear, I never will. It's over I suppose, the fairytale has ended and the harsh realities of life slap against my cheek as if in mocking haughtiness.

I pick myself up and carry on life's winding path. But somehow, something inside me is dead.

Traveller fell apart at 12:46 AM

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