March 23, 2005

So Beautiful

It's been a hectic couple of weeks for me, what with having settled my house matters and then proceeding to getting a car. But I'm happy, after scouring CarSales desperately looking for a good deal, I've got myself a pretty nice Mazda 323 Astina Sedan. More pictures when I've actually washed the car and topped it up. For now, it's lying outside the house as if in a quiet state of 'meditation'.

Certain events which have occurred in the past few days have touched on issues I initially didn't want to come to terms with. I think I've mentioned in earlier posts that timing was really, really crucial when it comes to opportunities in life. You miss by that few minutes and it really doesn't matter if you missed it by hours or days. What matters is that you seize the opportunity, whenever you are presented with it. I think I found that out the hard way yesterday.

Really. If only you knew. If only I had the guts to call a few hours or even a day earlier.

But spending life living in regret isn't a conducive way to live it. In fact, it's a problem many people face nowadays ; what with an ever changing modern society. We barely have time to think about our mistakes, let alone live them all over again. Stop for a split second and you're left behind. Regret and you face being pushed aside.

So perhaps I don't have time to sit and regret about things I didn't do ; at least not in this fast paced ever-changing modern society. The best I can do is bite my lips and soldier on, hopeful that my mistakes wouldn't come back to haunt me, or even worse, destroy me.

But I can hope. And I think I'll save that last ray of idealism within me for you. Because you are definitely worth it.

"Oh, here we go again and I'm so spent. My head is spinning. Oh, can you bail me out of this rut I've got myself in once again?"

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