March 29, 2005


I think that many times, we as humans, when expected to fathom the true extent of God's greatness, severely fall short. Alot of things happened over the weekend at the Oceania Convention ; people were healed, demons were exorcised, missionaries found their calling and leaders found their purpose. Yet, even through these miracles and wonders, I failed to find joy when expected to forgo sleep. And I wonder why. Honestly. Was it due to my failure to overcome physical and mental barriers? Or was it, as Chung Wei put it, due to my lack of heart? I'm still searching for answers.

I think God really manifested Himself to me this weekend. And many thoughts ran through my mind as we were singing songs of praise. I began to attempt to compartmentalise God and His many great works. I tried to figure out how a timeless being like Him would be able to send His Son to a timed existence. How Jesus would feel in the change of environment? Spirit to Flesh, Timeless to Timed, Bliss to Sorrow? It's quite amazing when you begin to feel the true extent of the sacrifice He made. It wasn't just about being crucified. It was the very concept that He came down from perfection into imperfection. All in the name of making us pure. I shuddered at the thought of it because throughout history, no other 'god' can claim to have done that. To have made such a big sacrifice and demand so little of its believers. Most of the time, it's the other way round.

Anyhow, the Convention is over and the real world beckons. Somehow, it feels overwhelming. Oceania Convention 2005 felt like a little space in Heaven, compared to the harsh realities of life. But this is the real world now, and it leaves no room for wistful contemplation. Oceania Convention will be a memory, but it will be a good one. Something I can relate to when I feel down and out, as a little piece of Heaven that I was once part of.

"I want to fly on eagle's wings but somehow I'm always grounded."

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