February 04, 2005

Innocence Lost

Have you ever had dreams as a child? I'm sure we've all had them. Be it the care-less dreams of being a dancing ballerina or the ambitious ones of chasing down the bad guys as a cop, we've all had our own fair share of naivety in youth. I'm sure we've all played cops and robbers, had "tea parties" and invited our friends over to share in our childish endeavours. But over the years, those walls of youthful innocence, slowly but surely found themselves eroded by the swosh of apathy and corruption which emanates from every corner of the media and society. My question to you today is "How far has your imagination taken you?" Have you given up your childish dreams in search of more 'adult-like' ventures? Are we truly more adult-like when we gradually learn to give up what we REALLY want in exchange for what society wants from us?

I think in this world, people don't often believe enough. Too much has been placed on the concept of proof, evidence and faith by sight. Whatever happened to good old chivalry and faithfulness? Loyalty and honesty? The centuries may have brought progress in terms of scientific and medical advances, but society since the ancient ages has just been in decline. The human race has been made to tolerate and to "understand" immorality. We cheat, lie and steal without batting an eyelid and in doing so, we leave ourselves only in a vicious circle of mistrust and sin. Don't believe me? Ask a man on the street today if he would spare you $10 and offer to give him your address to claim payment later. Chances are he'll look at you with a cynical smirk and wave you off. Truth is, we've traded in imagination and idealism for pragmatism and reason. Which may not be such a bad thing because pragmatism does carry with it a certain level of level-headedness and objectivity. But too much of anything is always a bad thing. Human society today focuses too much on pragmatism and realism, too much on guarantees and bonds.

And some people say we've made tremendous advances in terms of civility and civic-consciousness since the Middle Ages. What a fallacy, what a lie.

"Innocence once lost, can never be recovered."

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