February 23, 2005

10 Lessons

In retrospect, the summer which has gone past seems to have whisked itself by in the blink of an eye. It's come and gone too soon and suddenly, I find myself staring at the prospect of another 9 months without my family and friends too daunting. I'll be honest, even as the minutes tick by, I am feeling sad about returning to Melbourne. Granted, I'm really excited about the new house and new housemates. But who can blame me, really? I've lived 20 years in Singapore and every time I leave, it's definitely going to be a drag.

Looking back, though, I've learnt alot from my time here in Singapore.

1. Sometimes, some things are just not meant to be. The more you try to push for them, the more you'll end up adding misery to yourself.

2. Opportunity doesn't knock twice. When it comes by, you either grab it with both hands or watch it flutter away in the wind.

3. Love is a subjective term. Make sure you allocate yourself ample time and space to get to know the person before making any hasty decisions.

4. Be sure of yourself in whatever you do. Enter into something half-hearted and you find yourself whole-heartedly in deep shit.

5. Sometimes, people let you down. Yes, even your friends. Closest ones.

6. We only live once, so make the most of everything or live in regret.

7. Life is essentially a struggle between the flesh and the spirit. So either you give in to your flesh or you fly high in spirit.

8. Relationships which aren't working out must be ended promptly, or you risk dragging yourself down the mire.

9. Find out the facts before you pass judgements. Because the decisions you make while your vision is clouded ultimately could ensue in accidents.

10. Home is where the heart is. No doubt about that.

It's weird really. How this time around, leaving feels exactly like how it did the last time. But the way I see it, I've got to do what I've got to do. There's no running, no escape. Not to say that I don't enjoy my time in Melbourne of course, I do. But somehow, home is always where the heart is. See you guys on the other side. Till November.

"Nobody told me we'd only get one chance. I didn't know that our time would turn so fast. Why we have to say goodbye I don't understand."

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