January 10, 2005

16913 kilometres, 10509 miles, 9133 nautical miles

It's funny how we're able to comment and rant about things when we're on the opposite side of the fence. Somehow, those issues which we criticize people about don't prick us at the spot where it hurts the most and we find ourselves in a sense, facilitated to continue our self-righteous judgement. Over the past few months, I've been railing at people who fail to exercise self-control when it comes to matters of the heart, hopelessly spiralling down that dead-end of experimenting in love and ultimately getting their hearts broken. But one thing I've realised, is that when the situation itself hits you, you find yourself floundering and losing your own bearings. It's as if whatever you've said in the past doesn't count for anything and all that matters is the feeling at the present moment.

The summer in Singapore so far has been bitter-sweet. There have been things which I have done with my friends which were extremely gratifying, and yet, there were incidents which tore up an abyss of regrets within myself. It is funny then, how life throws at you unexpected incidents and people and leaves you to ponder over them while they leave as quickly as they entered your life. Perhaps this is what they mean by God's will, that some people were never meant to be in your life but merely to teach you a lesson as they pass through it. I dare not conceive this notion, however, because I've come to cherish that someone whose path crossed with mine. Together, we journeyed on that little slice of eternity, that meander in our once parallel life paths which left me only in wistful silence.

I don't know anymore, and I don't want to know. I don't want to hope, and I don't want to pine. But I figure, that little slice of eternity, will live on forever in memories. Because that's what memories were created for ; so we would have something good to draw back on through the challenges life throws us.

"Your fragrance begins to dissipate in the wake of your departure, so quickly that I can no longer catch up with you."

Traveller fell apart at 1:50 AM

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