December 27, 2004

Only When?

Only when, will the smell of your hair pervade the air, filling it with the scent of a thousand rose petals.
Only when, will the sight of you fill my mornings, 6am french toasts and sunny side ups in bed.
Only when, will I feel your hands, smoother than silk and yet, so fitting with mine.
Only when, will I taste your cherry lips, the rejuvenation they bring to the lifeless expanse of my own existence.
Only when, will the throes of your pleasantries echo across the walls of my chambers, singing love songs and lullabies.
Only when, will my heart find the momentum it found when you first caught my eye, the beating and thumping it produced enough to reveal my inner desires.
Only when, will my mind be once more challenged by your insights and banter, my intellectual stigma.
If you would only turn around, realise and understand.
Only then, only then.

Only then.

Copyrighted by Joel E, 2004.

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