December 15, 2004

"Much of the modern resistance to chastity comes from men's belief that they 'own' their bodies - those vast and perilous estates, pulsating with energy that made the worlds, in which they find themselves without their consent and from which they are ejected at the pleasure of another!" - C.S. Lewis

This blog stunned me at first, then pushed me on in sheer indignance.

It's amazing how people nowadays have distorted the idea of sex, making it a polygamous act which excludes exclusitivity. Sex, which was once upon a time, a sacred act of unity and fruition between a husband and wife, has now been degraded to a pleasure sport. Of course, I'm not denying the fact that sex can be indeed pleasurable. Of course it is. But I think in the midst of our enjoyment, we have to take notice of our surroundings and context, making sure that whatever we're doing for our own pleasure does not hurt others.

Take this "Sarong Party Girl" for example. She seems to feel a need to justify her promiscuity and base behaviour through various means, whether it be by validating herself or explaining away her actions through religious connotations. Take note here, I'm not slamming her or criticizing her sexual exploits. What I do want to ask her is one simple question. What then of you 15 years down the road? Are you going to continue this cheap and sex-filled lifestyle even when you're approaching 45? Is this really a future you see for yourself? One where you end up with no one, perhaps a bundle of money and really, nothing but cigs and liquor whilst you sit in a damp, dark living room drinking and smoking yourself to death? Sure, you live in the moment and enjoy what you're doing now. But you never stop to think about the future, something which is an unavoidable part of life. No. And that is why I fail to see you happy in 15 years time. And honestly, I do feel a tinge of pity for you.

People like this normally have unfulfilled promises or love from their parents. For example, a girl who grows up in a family without a faithful father for a family man is likely to end up drawing on other men for her sense of security and comfort. Sin begets sin. Broken families beget broken people. It is a sad fact of life but it is seldom addressed. All the time, people talk about being born this way or that, but the circumstances and environment are seldom investigated. This world has often turned its focus away from what are the real pressing issues at hand and instead, chose to focus on issues which are pleasure-centric. Sadly, it is because of these desires for pleasure that drive us further and further away from our true source of humanity.

And yeah, she mentioned something about the Bible promoting promiscuity. So I pose this question to her. If God did indeed want to promote promiscuity as you so claim, why did he create just one Eve and not five or six?

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