December 14, 2004

The anticipation was getting the better of me. I opened one eye lazily as I peered around my room. It was December 14th, results day and where my fate would be decided. Gingerly lifting the covers of my bed off myself, I crept silently over to my laptop and turned the switch on. The ensuing wait for the startup went on, but it wasn't as bad as the wait for the webpage for My Monash portal to load. I nearly bit off my nails in anticipation as the screen opened and what awaited was a pleasant surprise.

Psychology 1B - Distinction
Politics - Distinction
Sociology 1B - Distinction
Communication Studies - Credit

In truth, the results I'm happiest about are the communication studies one. For all semester I had absolutely no interest in it and was expecting a pass at most. So this was indeed a pleasant surprise. Now to look towards next semester in silent anticipation.

Thank You God.

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