November 28, 2004

It's amazing to see how a decade of separation brings about changes in people whom you were once close to. Yesterday's outing with my primary school friends brought back a torrent of memories, some good and some bad. But all in all, it's often both the good and the bad that shape our lives, memories and enjoyment. Despite the obvious changes to us in terms of physicality and mental maturity, it's enlightening to see that some old habits die hard. Xingxiang, for example, is still as boisterous and 'joker' though a tad bit mellowed. Aaron is still the same blur fellow who only wants to relax in one corner and not be disturbed. It's these little discoveries which lead me to believe that although the environment we live in may change and shape us to certain extents, who we are at the core of our being is primarily decided when we are born. In short, we are born as a certain character and nothing on Earth can fully deviate us from what we were born to be.

Nonetheless, it was wonderful to see all my old friends again and heartening to witness the bond we still shared even after such a long time. I think friendships forged in childhood and adolescence often become the ones that last the longest. As we sat down at Swensen's and recalled the many things we shared in primary school ; be it afternoon remedials with Madam Yap and enduring her nasty thwaps on our hand with the ruler or the time when a certain member of the class chose to use his seat for a toiletbowl and shit in his pants, they were all enjoyable to recount. Me? I'm just glad that I was once part of this class. Of the amalgam of different personalities and characters, we still made a awesome class to be in.

To the class of 1995, 6C, Pei Hwa Primary School : Thanks for the memories.

P.S. This is only one quarter of our entire class. Still searching for all those lost sheep out there!

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