November 02, 2004

How We Grow

I'm beginning to think that there's more than meets the eye to Osama bin Laden. An article in CNN clearly brought his intentions and extremely sound strategy to the forefront of world issues.

Osama plans to bankrupt United States

A very sound and intelligent strategy if you ask me. As we speak, the military equipment and rebuilding funds provided from the United States to Iraq and Afghanistan are borrowed loans. The United States itself owes over US$1 trillion to external debts and clearly does not have the economic muscle to sustain this war on terror which looks to be a big drain on financial resources. The fallacy of the American economy many have been led to believe is that it is unfallible and strong enough to sustain a continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is certainly not the case. How much more can Americans be taxed and be ordered to pay for the war on terror? And yet, even though it seems too costly an endeavour to uphold, it is an important endeavour to ensure continuity.

Why do I say that? We cannot allow terrorists to walk freely and get their way on whatever they want. Do you honestly believe that all they want is for America to leave their shores and to leave them alone? Preposterous. Once they've gotten what they want, they will only open their jaws larger and attempt to swallow up the surrounding regions of the Middle East. What they want is not their own freedom but to deprive others of it. What they hate is the 'free' lifestyle that so many people lead which is in direct opposition to their frugal and impoverished lifestyle. Having said that, what is the real problem here I see? The fact that few or no countries are supporting America in the war on terror. Germany and France and several other European countries have turned their noses up at America's calls for assistance both militarily and financially. Pride has overcome Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac, rendering them unable to forget America's snub at them in the pre-Iraqi war argument. Little do they realise that once the terrorists are done with draining America dry, they will turn their eyes on The E.U. But of course, that is of no concern to Chirac and Schroeder, all they want is to show Bush that he's not the 'boss'. Childish, if you ask me.

Osama also plans to divide America politically and socially. Very smart move.

Osama warns United States

He's now narrowing down threats to specific states and threatening to target those states which vote for George Bush. This will no doubt cause widespread panic amongst those who fear for their lives. People will begin to vote out of fear not out of conscience and rationality. Despicable but effective. My only hope is that key states which are embroiled in this political saga will not swing their vote simply because of the threats of one deranged Islamic fanatic. Kerry is simply too weak as a President to take over and ensure the safety and security of not only the United States, but also the world. So to any American who reads this, please, for not only the sake of the United States of America, but also the sake of the world which depends on US hegemony to survive, please do place your vote for George W. Bush. He may not be a perfect President, but in this situation, he is definitely the better candidate to continue the war on terror. If he wasn't really causing much problems for Osama, why would Osama actually bother to record a video specifically encouraging Americans to vote for John Kerry? Bush must really be doing some huge damage to Al Qaeda for Osama to make such an effort.

So please, for everyone's sake, I will be praying tonight for a George W. Bush victory in the polls. If not, God save us from the fundamentalist tide. I wait, in nervous anticipation.

"Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or al Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands. Any state that does not attack us will not be attacked." - Osama bin Laden

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