October 20, 2004

What Makes God Smile?

Something really strange happened to me today. As I was in the lift going to hand up my Psychology assignments, a Caucasian couple got on and started making out right in front of me. And by making out, I don't mean just kissing. There were hands flailing and groping and, yeah, you get the idea. To say that I felt really uncomfortable is an understatement. My first instinct, strangely, was to look around the lift for hidden cameras. For some reason, I believed that this was part of a gag on "Just Kidding", the gag show in Australia. After scouring the entire lift for signs of a planted camera, I began looking frantically at the numbers on top of the door, like some punter on Saturday looking out for the winning number. I couldn't wait to get out of that situation and thankfully, the lift didn't take its own sweet time.

I've been asked to consider writing a piece of poetry by a friend and although I initially spurned the idea, I feel like I'm ready right now. So here goes.


Yesterday, when I looked deep into your eyes
Calm demeanour hid a screaming interior.
Yesterday, you committed a heist.
Stealing my heart, my mind and my attention.
Yesterday, I told myself a lie.
That I could close my eyes, shut my ears and forget you.
Yesterday, you let off a sigh.
And I wished at once that I could do more.
Yesterday, I made a mistake.
I failed to stop myself from falling.
And for yesterday, I hate myself.

Thanks Yan.

P.S. If anyone has $100 to spare, could you please contact me? I am desperate to go to Jay Zhou's concert but I have no cash. Alms for the poor!

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