October 01, 2004

The mid-semester break came and went in a glance. I had a great time at Yanting, Christian and Darren's place on Wednesday night where we had the opportunity to just pig out and enjoy great movies. Excellent time in all except when I got just a slight bit tipsy after gulping down the white wine at one shot. I think I really can't hold my liquor and it was evident that night man. Just want to take this opportunity to thank them for the great time and great food, and hey, Yan, the chocolate cake was the best I've tasted although I don't eat chocolate cakes. So I guess yours will be the one all future ones will come to be judged by.

Been getting some studying done, thankfully! Caught up with all my readings and I'm all set for the rest of the semester and the final year exams. All in all, it's been a fruitful and enjoyable mid-semester break and I just thank God for the tremendous friends he's blessed me with in Melbourne. But hey, buddies in Singapore, haven't forgotten you guys man. Can't wait to go back and go on supper nights once more!

Ivy passed me a book last night "I Kissed Dating Goodbye". Highly recommended read if you ask me. It really touched on some issues and problems I had with the concept of relationships. By God's grace, I'm slowly maturing spiritually and mentally and I'm just so glad for this.

Sheesh. It's Friday and I had better finish up all my holiday homework. Later.

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