October 11, 2004

It All Starts With God

Summer is upon us! Temperatures today soared to 30 degrees and for abit, it almost felt as if I was back home in Singapore. Out came the bermudas, slippers and t-shirts as I prepared to go to University and all of a sudden, I realised that I haven't ever been to school in bermudas and a t-shirt. Call it belated elation at my liberation from the Singaporean education system if you will, but for once not wearing uniform and being able to dress casually to my school caused some joy.

Hope Church started the 40 days of Purpose campaign yesterday and Pastor Ian's message was great. For those of you wondering what the 40 days is about, it's a 40 day sequence of reading a book, praying and devoting your time to God in order for Him to reveal your true purpose in life. Gotta admit though, I won't be in Melbourne till the end of the campaign and I guess I'll just have to continue with it on the flight back and for a few days back home.

Which brings me to the topic. It's approximately a month to go before I embark on SQ 228 for my flight back to Singapore. In the flash of an eye, it's been 4 months. I've made great new friends, found a new church to support and be supported by and most importantly, found my way back to God. It's been the most productive 4 months in the past 5 years of my life if you ask me, and that says alot. But I have to admit, I'm having mixed feelings about returning home. For one, I'll still have to study as I have just signed up for a Summer Semester in TMC in order to catch up with the people who came over here in February. For another reason, I haven't quite made up my mind about which church to attend when I'm back home. This really requires some prayer.

Jane's got back to me. Apparently they won't have vacancies till second quarter of 2005 which means I potentially might have a job during the winter break next year! The HR Manager promised to file my enquiry and urged me to get in contact with them again later next year. Which works out just as well since I'll most probably be too busy doing my Summer Semester to work effectively this summer holidays. Maybe a job in SANS bookstore will do just fine. Just me, the quiet bookshelves and little or no customers to bother me. Excellent.

I can feel the blood rushing through my veins
When I hear your voice, driving me insane
Hour after hour day after day
Every lonely night that I sit and pray

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