October 28, 2004

Cultivating Community

So the paper went pretty well and my spotting of questions paid off. When I walked into Caulfield race course to take the examinations, I could hardly believe my eyes. The questions on the paper were exactly those I had studied for and the pen just furiously scribbled away whilst in the back of mind, I was thanking God for his mercy. I ended up walking out of the examination hall in high spirits, thankful that I'd managed to answer all the questions to the best of my abilities and later as I found out, pretty well too.

I was having a discussion with a feminist friend of mine about feminism and whether it is a good thing. I think that the entire concept about feminism has been gauged wrongly by women across the world. They see it as a form of empowerment and emancipation. I see it as merely a reaction to a wrongdoing. For centuries, men have treated women as commodities and goods, to be exchanged or taken for granted. Feminism is simply a reaction to years of oppression and brutality from men. It's like trading a punch for a punch only in this case, the females believe that by empowering themselves and standing up to their husbands and fathers do they find freedom.

But do they? What has feminism done for human civilisation? Only served to drive families apart and wedges in between husbands and wives. Has it really brought about freedom for women? Are women truly free when they have careers and money all at their fingertips? Please do not mistake me. I am not a male chauvinist. I believe that it is alright for women to have jobs and to hold high appointments in companies. Men and women are equal, that is something which I strongly believe. But yet, in a family, the Bible teaches us that the man's authority is absolute. "Wives, submit to your husbands. Husbands, love your wives." It is a complementary relationship where the husbands are entrusted to make the right and loving decisions for their wives and their wives must abide by what their husband has decided. Feminism has undermined this teaching. It tells women that they have all the power they need in their hands and all they have to do is to stand up to their husbands. Strife and conflict are created through these issues and tension builds up within the family.

Women of today are taught that having a career and being financially independent are a good way to live life. True, granted, this might be what some women want. But where does this leave time for their family and children? Men and women are equal as human beings, that is a fact. But it is also a fact that a husband's authority in the family must be absolute and not be allowed to be undermined. Feminism is a curse on the human race that we have brought upon ourselves due to our oppression of women over the centuries. The only way? Men and women must learn to love and respect each other. Husbands must love their wives. Wives must respect their husband's authority. These are the grounds for more stable social and familial relationships.

Ok, think I should close this post because I feel like I'm in the middle of a crosshair. The feminists are probably plotting to blow my room up as we speak. But before I go, I leave this song here as a prayer and a plea, for God to sustain me through this examination period and not to let my faith waver despite the busy schedule.

Michael W. Smith - Lord Have Mercy

Jesus, I've forgotten the words that You have spoken
Promises that burned within my heart have now grown dim
With a doubting heart I follow the paths of earthly wisdom
Forgive me for my unbelief
Renew the fire again

Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy
Lord have mercy on me

I have built an altar where I worship things of men
I have taken journeys that have drawn me far from You
Now I am returning to Your mercies ever flowing
Pardon my transgressions
Help me love You again

I have longed to know You & Your tender mercies
Like a river of forgiveness ever flowing without end
I bow my heart before You in the goodness of Your presence
Your grace forever shining
Like a beacon in the night

I pray for strength.

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