September 06, 2004

This is for you Dad.

Father Of Mine

I remember when you would sit by my bed
And you would tell me all about this great big world.
How you seemed to be there
A man so full of strength
Rest upon your shoulder be led by your hand.

Sunny days when we laughed and played
Taught me right from wrong how to be steady and secure.
And you kept the strain of the world away
You met the ends never once asking for more

And I never knew, never realised just how much you'd sacrifice.
Give me all the things you didn't have.

What kind of man would do that for me?
Give me everything so willingly
Whose delight is just to see me grow and shine.
What kind of man would have such love?
That to see me smile is reward enough
I'm so blessed to have you here father of mine.

There were days when you thought
That you couldn't take no more.
So much pain thrown your way
Yet you stood firm as before, picked me up above the floor.

What kind of man would have the patience?
To see my moods and know what they meant.
Understand when to stand in and when to go.
What kind of man could trust another with the heart of all he's been working for?
Let them spread their wings wide and start to fly.

In Memory : 21st August 1949 ~ 14th February 1998

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