September 23, 2004

I'm reaching a stage in my life where birthdays don't seem to matter to me anymore. Not mine at least. Today's supposed to be my 21st birthday, the Big One, the embarkation on adulthood and yet, I feel not the slightest bit excited about it. What are birthdays after all but anniversaries of your entrance into this world? Even if I told the person next to me that it was my birthday today, all I'd get would be a handshake and a wish. Sheesh, I can pretty much live without that really. A birthday is just another day for me. But for those of you shrieking in horror at my nonchalance towards my own birthday, here goes. Yay. It's my 21st birthday today. Woo. Happy Birthday to me.

The past two days in Melbourne have been overcast, after the initial two day preview we had of Spring. I don't really get it over here. Suddenly the temperature goes up by 2 degrees and it's a virtual flesh parade. Skirts, tank tops and hot pants suddenly become the flavour of the day. Even if it's 17 degrees out there! I guess over time the Aussies have grown used to the cold and can actually take wearing the bare minimum in such conditions. Me? I'm sticking to my long-sleeved shirt and jeans coupled with a sweater for good measure. It's not yet time to take my bermudas out, not with the temperature hovering around the 17 degree mark.

Leaving for cell group now. Heard we're painting the banner for "40 Days Of Purpose" tonight. Hope it's fun.

Know how people sing the traditional Happy Birthday song? I'd prefer this over my birthday cake.

Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day

bah badada bah bah badada
bah badada bah bah badada
bah badada bah bah badada
bah badada bah bah badada

San Francisco Bay past pier thirty-nine
Early PM can't remember what time.
Got the waiting cab, stopped at the red light
Address unsure of, but it turned out just right.

It started straight off, "coming here is hell"
Thats his first words we asked what it meant
He said "Where you from" we told him our lot
Ya' take a holiday, is this what you want...

To have a nice day.

Lie around all day have a drink to chase
"Yourself and tourists, yeah thats what I hate".
He said "We're going wrong, we've all become the same
We dress the same ways only our accents change".

So have a nice day.

bah badada bah bah badada
bah badada bah bah badada

"Swim in the ocean that'd be my dish
I'll drive around all day and kill processed fish
Its all money gum, no artists anymore
Your only in it now to make more
more and more".

So have a nice day.

P.S. I'm wishing for a drumset this year. Badly need one!

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