September 10, 2004

The amount of hate and inhumanity in this world continues to shock me. Just yesterday, the Australian embassy in Jakarta was hit with a bomb blast which shattered windows for hundreds of metres around. This incident, coupled with the recent Russian schoolchildren fiasco has once again brought terrorism to the forefront of world affairs. Yet in the midst of these attacks, there seems to be a rising wave of anti-US sentiment which to be frank, confounds me.

Everyone seems to be blaming George Bush and the allies for their role in Iraq which brought about the wrath of Islamic extremists. Or did it? Prior to George Bush even being elected, there were already acts of violence carried out. What do these terrorists really want? It is a common misunderstood fact that all they want is to be left alone. I do not agree with this. I remember reading an article in the Straits Times which cited a top JI leader as saying that the ultimate aim which they hoped to accomplish was the establishment of a pan-Islamic state across Asia. So who are really the ones fighting for our freedom now? Us or these dastardly terrorists who are attempting to impose Islam on us? It is shocking how people seem to be bowing to terror and blaming their respective governments for placing them in danger.

Even now, as this current election in Australia gets underway, if Mark Latham were truly elected and if he were to fulfill his campaign promises by pulling out Australian troops from Iraq, what would be the consequences? No doubt it'd leave a gaping hole in US-Australian relations not to mention the fact that these terrorists would begin to see the United States as an increasingly isolated and vulnerable target. I'm not being pro-US here but I think I'd much rather have them in a global hegemony than some Taliban-style government. It is imperative, as I see it, that we help and protect the United States and ensure that this wave of Islamic extremism does not spread to our shores.

Because in the end, it is everyone who will be wearing headscarves, dealing with curfews and compelled to obey Islamic laws. If we allow Al Qaeda to have their way, that is.

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