September 26, 2004

After months of spending time in the suburbs and city, I finally got the chance to enjoy the great outdoors when I went horse-riding yesterday. It was slightly traumatic at first because in the beginning of the day, one of the horses went crazy and started galloping off with someone on it. The girl eventually lost her balance and got thrown off. Thankfully, she sustained no injuries and managed to get over her subsequent induced fear of the horse. That aside, the country was just lovely. As I trotted slowly along the picket fences which lined the immense farms on the landscape, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. And it was lovely. It was perfect. This must have been what God meant by "He saw that it was good" after creating such lovely scenery. And at that moment, I offered a silent thanksgiving to God for creating such magnificent landscapes for us to enjoy. The rolling hills, the cows grazing in the distance, the blue skies above and 20+ degree temperatures and to top it off, I managed to break into abit of a gallop at the end of the ride.

I think my idea that I'd have been far better suited to live in Medieval times has been reinforced. While trotting along on my horse, I began to feel the joy people in the past must have felt when they owned a personal horse and were able to gallop through forests and rivers. Let's put it this way, I'd much rather ride a horse than a car! I think the problem with modern society is that everything is based on efficiency and speed. People want to get from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible. What they fail to realise, however, is that it is not the getting there which matters but how you get there ; be it crossing lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys or forests. Perhaps though, I am romanticizing the Medieval ages and am forgetting the many hardships they once endured which have now been solved by technology.

We drove down the mountain after lunch to a tranquil seaside town facing Port Phillip Bay. While enjoying my ice cream and walking down the jetty, I caught a glimpse of a family enjoying their time together down by the beach. And I thought to myself, when I have a family in future, I'd want to do the exact same thing. I'd want to bask in their company on the weekends and do stuff together because there'd be a time when the children would stop wanting to go out with their old parents. I guess this is life, we've got to make the most of the time we're given with our families. My only prayer is that going into the intelligence community will not distance me from my family in future.

Church in 30 minutes. I should be leaving. Later.

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