August 10, 2004

Orange Jasmine

The sparrow outside the window chirps noisily as I sit quietly in my room.
You've said that this sentence had the feel of summer to it.
The pencil in hand goes back and forth on the piece of paper.
I'm just using a few lines to describe who you are to me.

Both the sanma fish and cat you've always wanted to understand
And just like those, we discovered the fragrance of first love.
The warm sunlight reminds me of the brilliance of freshly-picked strawberries.
And you turn to me and tell me of your reluctance to eat up these feelings.

Just like the rainfall overnight, my love comes gushing forth.
The fallen leaves in the yard constantly overlap with my lingering thoughts.
A quarrel or fight will not disperse these feelings for you.
You appear in every poem's page.

Just like the rainfall overnight, my love comes gushing forth.
The butterfly on the window sill, reminds me of the beautiful chapter that flutters in the poem.
I continue to write about my eternal love for you into the poem's ending.
You are the only one I want to understand.

A fulfilling ear of rice makes this season happy.
Yet your cheeks are like ripened tomato in the fields.
And suddenly you say to me, "Orange Jasmine" as a name sounds wonderful.
Yet all I can think of at this moment is kissing your stubborn lips.

Pardon me if I've translated Jay Zhou's latest song wrongly but I've just realised that his songs have not only meaning in Chinese but translate pretty well too.

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