August 09, 2004

I just realised the difference between University and JC life. In University, we're confronted with questions. Questions of progress, questions of politics, questions of society, questions of the human body. We're all debaters in our own right here in these little battlegrounds we call tutorials. Compared to JC, I feel so much more liberated. It's like I actually have something to contribute to an opinion or a school of thought. It's like I actually make a difference in this world of conflicting opinions and compromise.

Been caught up in the world of Niccolo Machiavelli ever since I did Political Science as a subject. This man is fascinating I swear. Advocating objectivity over morality, something which was far too advanced for his time and yet, has become the staple of our time. Thankfully, I managed to grab the last copy of his famous work "The Prince" off the shelves at the Matheson Library today. Now for a good read.

The weather over here has been getting steadily warmer although it's such the case with Melbourne that you can never expect when it will get colder or rain. Generally though, the weather has been bearable and I'm looking forward to Spring in September. Spring, where plants blossom once more, where birds sing their yearly song of beginning, where new life springs forth. And where my life in Australia begins as well. How fitting.

Now back to the essays that await me.

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