August 13, 2004

I am irked and sickened. Yesterday whilst traversing my way across the campus courtyard, an Indian guy sporting a huge mop for hair walked up to me. "Hey dude, we're going to protest against the University sending 26 students to court for protesting against the hike in school fees. You wanna join us? We're going to send out a great message tomorrow when we turn up to win our rights back." Silence. "What's the matter? You've gotta fight for your rights man! And protesting is the only way you're going to win them back." Silence. I walked away, with half a mind to chide him for wasting his time. It is this obsession with protesting which the Aussies possess that eludes my understanding. Why protest? Does it really help? If the government or authority bows to people pressure, that is an authority I would not like to be under. The crowd is an irrational mass and bowing to their pressure is proof of one's own weakness and lack of spine.

In a sense, that is how democracy works, governments bow to people pressure. To the masses if you like. All because they lack power to go against the masses. And this is also the reason I have become disillusioned with democracy. It is divided, directionless and constantly under attack from every Tom, Dick or Harry that has a right to vote. Mind you, I'm not advocating Marxism here, not quite like the many posters I see which litter the walls of my Arts faculty building. If you ask me, Marxism does not quite make sense. There is inherent darkness and greed in humans, how can you ever expect them to be content with what their neighbours have? How can humans be expected to live in equality? That is a utopian dream and will remain so unless the human race somehow evolves an attitude of collectivism. These Marxists are foolish and naive. How can Communism ever be a form of government? If so, there must be absolute anarchy since even the leader in a Communist state must be equal with the rest. Communism contradicts itself, quite like democracy does.

My solution? Democratic Totalitarianism. Parliament and Heads Of States will be voted by the people on a four year basis. But their supreme ruler, the inherent wise one, the most objective of the lot, will be their ruler for as long as he lives. That said, this ruler must possess ruthlessness enough to kill his own family should they threaten him in any way. He must possess objectivity to abandon all religious beliefs all in the name of preservation of his state. He must contain within him the lust for power which threatens to corrupt his inherent savage mind every hour of the day. He must remain rational and objective, corruptionless and powerful. Together with a vast army, he shall bring Democratic Totalitarianism to the shores of every city across the globe. The citizens of these countries shall give up in fear or spill blood on their shores. It is a simple choice. Democracy has lived up its lifespan. It is time for a new change, a new order, a new revolution.

Perhaps only after the Third World War will people realise the futility of democracy. Then shall be the rise of a New World Order. When that happens, don't forget the little article you've read here in this corner of the vast domain we call the Internet.

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